Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Android & Unwanted Apps/App Updates with heightened permissions

Preinstalled updates such as Netflix's and Facebook are requesting updates with significant changes in premissions. I don't use these and am not going to give access that isn't necessary for the apps anyway; alot of data mining going on. There NEEDS to be a way to ignore updates from built in apps. Really, does Netflix's need to read my personal contact data, I think not. Internet access sure, but some of the permissions apps are asking for nowadays, especially olds ones getting updated, are above and beyond need. If Google can't contol this, savvy users are going to move to other platforms. If Google is never going to have a block update option, let us know and we can all root our devices and send our anger towards the manufactuers loading up crap-ware on our devices. Very frustrating :(