Monday, August 11, 2008

The Cat Tree

This is the cats outside on the inside.
The post and deck are solid wood and are sanded down with extra fine sandpaper making them baby soft.
The climbing post is hand wrapped with sisal [it took hours, but it is a favorite of cats]. The easy part is the $20- pine book shelf; which is a primary support piece and deck for lazing area for the cat. There are also additional pieces; it has been moved three times now though and space prevents the whole contraption from been assembled right now. The cat actually climbs up the post; more often though he jumps up on the desk and uses it to start half way up the post. This creation was built 10 years ago and the rope is only now separating and fraying a bit. To get an auditory feel for the era this was built [circa. 1998] check out:
{Dj Sandstorm 1998 In 5 Mins}

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