Saturday, May 14, 2011

ETS LRT scheduling. Is it rapid transit.

What insanity, the LRT may be early and you'll miss it, or it will be late and you'll miss your connection.  The help you'll get when reporting issues is simply a reiterating of the schedule they can't keep.  If ETS can't keep a train on schedule I doubt buses will ever be scheduled properly.  Pay more for lesser service, way to go ETS.  Got to platform at 11:17PM its 11:40 and two trains have gone by the other way, I guess 15 minute service takes ETS a little longer to achieve.  The schedule says 11:26 & 11:41,.holy shit its !1:43, 26 minutes and 3 trains heading other way.

Next day at train 11:37PM, scheduled for 11:41, 11:45 now ... guess train is off schedule another day... EVERYDAY.

How can they claim it's rapid transit.  I'll be mising my connection again, can I use Mandel's EXPO logic and take a cab and send the bill to the city.

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