Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Patents and rants.

The color brown is a trademark UPS.  Seeds are been patented; mind you the food is in greater quanity, for less nutrition and no taste - but greater quanity didn't stop price rises.  The wars been on for years, and it's all about patents and such.  Early in December Motorola got a ban on iPhone and iPad sales in Europe (motorola-secures-europe-wide-sales-ban-on-iphone-ipad).  Now Apple has secured a ban on HTC Android phone sales in the US (apple-gets-us-ban-on-htc-android-phones-sales-for-now).  Not sure what I'm saying, but who's working on patenting air, and are they going to go to court against the patent holders of oxygen and nitrogen.  Benyilin came out with new cough syrup, well new tag line and packaging anyway, the identical medication, same size in old box was $7.00 less.  At least the ice cream guys are being ecological, putting 1.89 L of product in the 2 L containers they no doubt still have several million of.  And Shaw says "what does 100 MB/s mean to you?" - fine print "up to" - up to = about 10 MB/s.  In Canada we also get the 3 year cell contracts, of course for phones the manufacturers expect us to replace at least every other year.  Why do the buy right out cell phones not go on sale;  all the box stores have agreements with carriers.  Agreement here, agreement there, patent this patent that, it all just cost the consumer.  And why are the banks trying to go all electronic when major breaches are endless; some eletronic yes, but there not ready to look after our money as we've already seen.
Blah blah blah, hope that's not patented by Ke$ha, her name is probably patented?!? ;D
Have a great day and Merry Christmas to all celebraters, happy holidays to the rest.

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