Friday, July 16, 2010

Cell Phones

Chosing a cell phone is a process.  If you want a certain phone you may be stuck with a certain carrier; likewise, if you want a certain phone you have to select a carrier with that phone.  My purchase started at Cell Phones Etc. and I suggest you check here if you are looking for a phone or a carrier.

I wanted an Android based phone so that eliminated Apple and Blackberry.  I was also looking for a newer model.

The three phones I decided to look at were the HTC Legend, the Acer Liquid e and the Sony Xperia X10

After checking specs, Sony doesn't say specifically anywhere on there page, I found that the Xperia X10 was running Android 1.6; a new phone based on an old package.  Sony was also the highest priced at $150-ca.  It was out of the running for my phone... I'm glad now too cause haven't heard much positive about that phone.

The Acer Liquid e was the cheapest of my three choices at $50-ca.  It runs on Android 2.1 and looks good in photos too!  I went to Rogers and held one in my hand... seems more like a glossy piece of plastic than a phone.

That left the Legend, once I had it in my hand that was it... this is a phone!
It was $80-ca on a 3 year plan placing it in the middle price range of the three phones but it feels so good in your hand; and runs on Android 2.1 (update expected in September 2010).

After using the HTC Legend for a month I highly recommend it.

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