Friday, July 16, 2010


Drinking a lot of coffee today so I figure I'd post some info on my favorite beans.
For starters, I don't like Timmy's coffee or Second Cup for that matter.  Java Jive was alright but they are becoming scarce.  If I'm out and in need of Java it's Starbucks!

At home I like an assortment of coffee's but it must be dark roasted.
Here's a few worth trying:

Right now I'm drinking:

  • Rwandan French Roast (from Costco)

A good book to read is:

Coffee A Dark History By Wild, Antony (Book - 2005)

If your looking for something to watch check out the three part series:
Black Coffee
1) The Irresistible Bean
2) Gold In Your Cup
3) The Perfect Cup
PASS: java
PASS: java
PASS: java

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