Monday, August 2, 2010

Is Virgin turning into a Bell

It's already known that Bell owns Virgin; unfortunate for us Virgin user.

Bell Canada Inc bought Virgin Mobile along with an exclusive long-term licensing agreement that allows it to continue using Sir Richard Branson's Virgin brand.

Sir Richard sold out and now you get the same wait on hold as all the other carriers.
40 minutes I waited before hanging up, called later, on hold for 5 minutes and gave up.

Also had some connection issues recently that ran rampant on my battery.  63% of power used for "cell standby".  An interesting choice of words, "cell standby", because from watching my phone I could tell it was not standing by but rather repeatedly connecting and disconnecting.

There was a bad storm that night so it could be weather?  Next day same connection issues.

Now I'm hoping the worst happened and one of there towers got damaged; and hoping they fix it.

So Canada is back to Bell, Rogers, Telus and now Solo (pay as you go).  All those other company's you see around are just arms and legs of the major three.

For anyone looking for the complete breakdown of battery use:
63% Cell Standby
18% Display
9% WiFi
6% Voice Calls
4% Phone Idle

Usually my display uses 50% or more of my power!

Maybe I'll give JuiceDefender or something a try; but the provider should have good enough service strength without it; we pay for it in Canada!   I have my brightness down and turn off what I'm not using, I just want to sync regularly without having to enable and disable mobile when out.

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