Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Juice Defender App

Juice Defender app from Android Market basically switches off Wi-Fi and mobile internet when you're not using the phone.
You can play around with the settings; here's a good base profile:

Schedule: Enable APN* for 2 minutes every 30 minutes (to pick up email, updates etc.)
Traffic: Leave APN enabled while >10kb / 30 seconds (so if you're downloading something it will keep downloading until it's finished, then switch off Wi-Fi / mobile internet)
Battery: Keep APN disabled while below 15% (to save your battery life for calls and texts when it is below 15%)
Charger: Leave APN enabled while charging (no need to save battery when you're charging the phone)
Screen: Leave APN enabled while screen is on (so Wi-Fi / mobile internet stays connected while you're using the phone, and disconnects when you're not.)

* APN = Access Point Name

UltimateJuice! €2.79

Enables advanced features for JuiceDefender:
- WiFi control with Location
- all schedule intervals
- night, peak schedules
- screen/lock timeouts
- and more!

*** This is an add-on to JuiceDefender, it won't "open" on its own ***


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