Friday, February 18, 2011

Canadian Bandwidth

Really bizarre as so many services move to the cloud or streaming that all of a sudden bandwidth is at a premium.   not bad enough that they sell you up to speeds that you'll never be able to sustain... without power boost and if your file is over the power boost limit it is unlikely you'll get more than 10-12.5% of your up to speed.  On the top package my bandwidth recently dropped 30%; cost drop: 0%.  Should ISP be involved in cable TV delivery, or even worse TV content delivery - conflict of interest... seems it's all about owning competing products and wanting customers to pay for them all.  What are the odds of getting a solid OTA signial from a company that owns the broadcaster and a cable company that can deliver the signal.  And then the cable box compresses your HD signal so it's not as good as OTA anyway.

Bandwith is not water... it is not finite.  Hope Leo doesn't mind, here is Americam Tom Merritt's take on the whole deal:

Check the whole episode here:

TWiT 287: Finckenstein's Monster

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