Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HTC Legend, after Froyo no PC connection

Found on a forum:
hello. I've got a htc legend with o problem. I can't connect to pc. It said usb device not recognized. I tried to connect on 4 pc with different windows, change cablefrom pc to phone. I install the android sdk and adb. It still not recognized. I don't know what to do. It can have something with it fall on the asphalt and enter some snow in the usb. It oxidized little but I clean ther. It work's until I has made the update to froyo and before it meet with asphalt and with snow. I what some answers cause I'm desperate to resolve this problem. Sorry for my english and thanks
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hi im sitting with the same problem, cant connect to PC through USB.. mine does not give me a option to select disk drive or recharge or sync, it only begins to recharge. And im sure that it was after updating to froyo..  hope some one out there have a solution to this.. 
I have the same problem on my HTC Legend, after Froyo no PC connection.  I have a new install on SSD of Windows 7 so this is a first time plug in for phone after Froyo and no go.  Worked great before accessing phone as a drive, now it only charges.   Doesn't show up as drive or device; it just doesn't exist to windows; but the power does run through computer to usb and charges.
Thank God we have Dropbox so I can move things to and from my phone.  The catch there is that will cost me MB's against my perpetually dropping cap... odd how computers just keep making leaps and bounds in performance all the whilst the service providers run on archaic equipment (a guess seems as no carriers have enough bytes).  The cable company now provides phone service and internet; and the phone companies have internet and cable... why is there no competition AND where's the SPEED!

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