Friday, April 22, 2011

OTA HDTV Edmonton

It is fantastic.  CBC is now in HD over the air in Edmonton.  I now get City TV and CBC.  Global has a signal but only shows up as a blank screen... can't see Shaw putting money into an OTA signal; they're in the business of selling cable.  Kudos to CBC for getting HD OTA for the NHL playoffs.  Note to advertisers: I never watch Global - can't get a signal.


Anthony said...

Where in the city do you live?

I live a few blocks from Global and I get their signal OTA HD. It may be that they aren't transmitting at full blast yet.

Corry J said...

RE: Anthony. I live on the north east side, quite a distance from Global. Originally my TV wouldn't even find Global, now it gets the signal but the screen is blank. City and CBC are crystal clear using a wire hanging out of the coaxial jack.

Anonymous said...

It's Aug 18, 2011 and I can get City TV and CBC very clear but my indoor antenna can't even find Global HD. Is Global HD transmitting right now?

I'm also in the North East, in Clareview. Where is Global HD transmitting from? From downtown?

What kind of indoor antenna is needed for Global HD OTA?

Corry J said...

Global is brodcasting now, as far as I understand there antenna is on Allard Way where station is located. I tried best indoor antennas and none worked for Global here. I think the signal strength is probably set to the minimum CRTC standard as Global is owned by Shaw, they;d prefer you just got cable. Funny how the old school antennas and analog signals were much better, on clear days you could get CBC Red Deer in Edmonton. If you really want Global you can find the SD still on 13 if you set your antenna to a certain position; unfortunately with this set up you lose CBC HD, but City is still recievable in HD. The "Personalizer" doesn't assume you even know of OTA HDTV. While I'm ranting, why are the Shaw commercials on GSN so much louder than the actual feed?; thought that was coming to an end too, but maybe that's in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Glabal OTA lately? I did at my parents here in Clareview and Global came in clear with the same indoor antenna I was trying to use. Maybe the signal is stronger now. BTW their Antenna Picked up about 5 HD channels