Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Johnny Joke

Over the X-mas holidays Little Johnny went to visit his Grandparents while Mom & Dad got some much needed rest.
Everything was going well until one day when the snow turned into a blizzard. Little Johnny was kept in and started to get into trouble, so his Grandma decided he should help her bake some cookies. Pandering to his sweet-tooth, he agreed and for a while things were peaceful.
Always curious, Little Johnny asked, "Gramma, how old are you?"
She looked at him and replied, "We don't talk about things like that Johnny," and went back to rolling out the dough.
A few minutes later Little Johnny asked, "Gramma, how much do you weigh?"
She stopped cutting out cookie blanks and in an almost harsh tone said, "Now Johnny, I told you that we don't talk about things like that."
Disappointed Johnny waited until they put the first cookie sheet into the over and then asked, "Gramma, why does Gran-pa sleep on the couch every night?"
In an almost scolding tone she snapped, "Johnny, we REALLY don't talk about that."
Little Johnny went into the living room where his Grandpa was watching TV, crawled up in his lap and said, "Gran-pa, Gramma won't tell me nuttin'."
"What won't she tell you Johnny?"
"I ask'd her how old she was, and how much she weighed, and why you sleep on the couch?" replied his favorite Grandson.
Thinking about it while they watched TV together, the older man told him, "Johnny, over there on the table is your Grandmother's purse. In the side pocket is her Driver's License and that will tell you everything you need to know." Johnny jumped down, ran over to the purse and got out the plastic card. It took him a few minutes but he read every word. All excited now, he ran back into the kitchen where his Grandmother was pulling the first batch of cookies out of the oven. Jumping up and down with excitement he exclaimed, "Gramma, Gramma, it says right here that you're 68 years old, an' you weigh 240 pounds and it also says right here why Gran-pa sleeps on the couch!"
Shocked, she just looked at her Grandson as he proudly told her, "Yea Gramma, it say right here that you got an "F" in sex.
ALSO: Check out the new animated - Little Johnny: The Movie (2011) - pretty hilarious those Aussie's are!!!

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